At Fluximmo, our BaaS offering equips you with the tools to gain an exhaustive and detailed understanding of the real estate market. This spans everything from a refined search-engine experience to advanced analytics and AI capabilities.

Search Engine

The search functionality stands at the forefront of our services. We offer an extensive set of APIs that empower you to construct a customized search experience. This includes essential features such as auto-correction, rapid search response times, and newly introduced customizable search experiences.

Analytical Engine

Access to the latest market data is crucial for conducting impactful analysis. Therefore, we provide real-time analytical APIs that enable you to tap into the current market trends and data.

Geographical Engine

Geospatial data is a cornerstone of our dataset. Our geographical engine delivers precise and up-to-date results, integrating changes in city boundaries and other significant geographical developments. Our APIs and geographical repositories grant you access to clean and accurate geojson data at various levels, including:

  • IRIS
  • Cantons
  • Cities
  • Departments
  • Regions
  • Countries Additionally, we ensure compatibility with MapBox mapping services through our robust data wiring protocol (gRPC), which is fully supported by MapBox.

AI-Enhanced Engine

Differentiate your services from competitors by leveraging our proprietary AI capabilities. We do not rely on third-party APIs; instead, we develop our own services that enhance your users’ experience with features powered by Large Language Models (LLMs). Our AI-enhanced engine is customizable, providing you with interactive ways to access market data tailored to your needs. For further details and customization options, please reach out to us.